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I hope to begin teaching workshops in person from May 17th, step 3 of the Government’s road map. I am still delivering some workshops via Zoom.

Agnis wants to ensure that everyone attending her workshops enjoys their time during a workshop and feels safe whilst taking part. The health, safety and well-being of every participant, as well as the members of staff at the venues where the workshops are held, is a priority and extra precautions at this time during COVID-19 are being undertaken.

Agnis is aware that everyone has had different experiences and challenges during these unprecedented times and would encourage participants to let her know if they feel worried or anxious at any point during the workshop, especially during this period of transition into a new ‘normal’.

Agnis wants to ensure that workshops maintain their element of fun and enjoyment and is thinking through carefully how workshops can retain their relaxed and enjoyable environment whilst also mitigating risks due to COVID-19.

  • Participants are asked only to attend workshops if they are feeling well and if they or anyone within their household has symptoms of Covid-19 they are asked to not attend the workshop and seek further medical advice.
  • Participants are asked to say hello without the use of physical greetings for example handshakes or hugs.
  • Participants are asked to only bring along essential personal belongings. Personal belongings will be kept with you at all times for example over the back of your chair or under the table you are working at, not in communal areas.
  • Agnis will be teaching to a reduced number of participants to ensure that smaller classes are able to practise social distancing. The exact number in each workshop will depend on the venue that the workshop is taking place in. This will ensure enough space is available for 1 metre + social distancing.
  • Agnis will ensure that each venue is operating a ticket only system to ensure that the appropriate number of participants only are allowed to take part.
  • Agnis will be wearing a clear face visor or mask during the workshop depending on what is most appropriate. For example when delivering demonstrations and instructions a clear face visor will be worn to help ensure that participants can hear and see her talking. Agnis will wear a mask if needing to get closer to participants to help with their work. This will ensure that herself and participants are protected.
  • Agnis will wear a cloth apron that can be washed after each workshop.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring along face coverings, though disposable ones will be provided if needed. (From 24th July 2020, face coverings are encouraged / From 8th August 2020, face coverings should be worn throughout a workshop unless a participant is exempt for a particular reason)
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry and throughout the workshop as needed.
  • Agnis will deliver her demonstrations behind a clear perspex screen, where practical in some workshops.
  • Participants will have their own set of equipment to use throughout the duration of the workshop so that resources are not shared. Where this is not possible, disinfectant wipes and spray will be available to clean down equipment and resources between users.
  • Equipment will be left for 72 hours before being used by another set of workshop participants. Where this is not possible as workshops are closer together than this, equipment will be cleaned with antibacterial spray.
  • Materials that are used where selection is made by participants at the workshop, for example the choice of wool or fibre they would like to use, will be selected from a table and picked out by Agnis and given to each participant using tongs.
  • Materials will be left for 72 hours before being used by another set of workshop participants. Where this is not possible as workshops are closer together, for example the use of balls of wool, materials will be divided before workshops to allocate materials between the two workshops to ensure that materials have not been to another workshop more frequently than 72 hours previously.
  • For some venues a one-way system will be introduced for walking around the space and collecting materials, equipment and resources. In other venues participants may be discouraged from leaving their workspace and any items will be passed directly to them by Agnis, where appropriate.
  • Where possible in venues, windows and/or doors will be left open to increase ventilation.
  • Tables, chairs, door knobs and surfaces will be sprayed and cleaned with antibacterial spray before a class as appropriate by venues.
  • Tables, chairs and furniture used within a workshop will be arranged for distancing where possible with participants sitting side by side.
  • Participants will be asked to leave their name, phone number and permission for their contact details to be given for the explicit use of NHS Track and Trace should Agnis be contacted by the system. These details would only be used for this reason and destroyed after 21 days.
  • Agnis will cancel a workshop if she or anyone within her household has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been asked to isolate by NHS Track and Trace.
  • Agnis will have been in touch with each workshop venue before the workshop to talk through the strategies they have in place to ensure that risk is mitigated as much as possible. Agnis will have visited any new venues that she is working with for the first time in person before delivering the workshop to ensure she has familiarised herself with the venue and made contact with the staff.
  • Agnis will be ensuring that she has longer to set up and pack down after workshops to allow for considered preparation before each workshop and time to allow for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Venues will be responsible for ensuring clear signage around the workshop space and wider site. Participants are asked to read and follow any directions and guidance given.
  • Venues will be responsible for the cleaning of toilets and washroom facilities and ensuring they are regularly cleaned and have sufficient supplies of washing materials for example soap, paper towels, hand sanitiser.
  • Agnis will not be providing any refreshments at workshops currently. Some venues she works at will provide refreshments and participants are asked to see individual venues for their guidelines on how they will be serving these, this may include using disposable cups or pre-wrapped refreshments.
  • Agnis would appreciate patience and consideration at these unprecedented times as we all learn to find a new way of working. Please respect one another.

If you have any questions or concerns about a workshop you are due to be attending please do get in touch with Agnis:

This is a working document and I will continue to update my workshops plans and delivery in line with any new government guidelines here.

This document was last updated on 9th April 2021

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