Weave Your own egg decoration

Weave your own egg decoration

A lovely little project where you can use up your yarn stash. A great family project perfect for spring and Easter.

Woven Egg Front Image

Weave your own Egg Decorations.

A happy little weaving project to craft away the hours. This is a perfect project for Easter.

Woven Egg 1

You will need:

Pencil Scissors


Cardboard – eg old shoe box / cereal packet

Yarn/thread/string – use what you have available, this is the perfect project for using ends of yarn up from other projects.

Woven Egg 2

1. Draw an egg shape onto a piece of card. Cut it out. If you are using very thin card you might want to make 3 eggs and layer them up on top of each other to make the egg stronger.

Top Tip: You can make your egg as large or as small as you like. Think about where you are hoping up hang it up afterwards and what size would look good there.

Woven Egg 3

2. Hold the end of the yarn on the back of the egg.

Top Tip: If you find this difficult whilst then doing Step 3. You can sellotape the end of the yarn to the back of the egg.

Woven Egg 4

3. Wrap the yarn in all different directions around the egg, so that you have an even coverage, these will act as your warp threads (the structure which you will then weave over and under). Tie the end of the yarn securely on the back of the egg when you are finished.

Top Tip: Don’t worry if the warp threads slip around a bit at the moment once you start weaving they will begin to stay in place.

Woven Egg 5

4. Thread a needle with the yarn of you choice and then weave over and under the warp threads.

Top Tip: If you want to get the job done quicker thread several different yarns through the eye of the needle at the same time.

Woven Egg 6

5. Weave in and out of the warp threads in all different directions to cover the cardboard. It does take time to build up the layers so that all the cardboard is covered!

Top Tip: You can’t do it wrong, you want to weave over and under in all different directions.

Woven Egg 7

6. To weave the edges of the egg, weave over the edge of the egg from the front to the back, loop around one of the warp threads on the back to hold in place and weave over the edge back to the front of the egg. And repeat.

Woven Egg 8

7. Thread a loop through the top of egg so that you are able to hang it up.

Finished! Hang your decorations up around the house.

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