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There are many different types of looms.

I love restoring old looms.

Table loom
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the machine called that you weave on?

A loom, and the person operating the loom and doing the weaving is called a weaver.

Which is the warp and which is the weft?

Most often the warp runs vertically; think of these threads as the ones that form the structure into which the weft yarn is then added horizontally.

What loom should I buy?

All looms have their own unique purpose, from a cardboard loom, to peg looms, to table and floor looms. The best loom to use will be different for everyone depending on your hopes and ambitions, previous experience and space available!

How do I clean my scarf?

If your scarf needs freshening up. I suggest pegging it outside on a windy day and letting the fresh air blow through your scarf. If you need to give it a light wash, I recommend doing this in a sink and using lukewarm water and then laying the scarf flat on top of a towel to dry. If you need to iron your scarf, I advise doing this under a tea towel.

Can I have my own private workshop?

Yes, I deliver private workshops for both individuals and small groups.

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